Climate Control

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Climate and Comfort Control Systems

Very few things can save as much energy as a well designed HVAC system. By placing temperature sensors in strategic locations and zoning the system for certain areas of the home, a climate control system can save money on your heating bill while keeping your entire home at a comfortable temperature. New smart-thermostats like the Nest Learning Thermostat will even learn your habits and automatically adjust as needed based on outside temperature, time of day, season and room occupancy. Some Nest customers have reported energy savings of $60 per month! Many of these systems now come with the ability to control your homes temperature and humidity from your smart-phone.

This allows you to set your home be the perfect temperature when you get home from work or vacation. Give Mile High Audio Video a call today to see how much energy you can save while keeping your climate perfectly balanced. It all starts with an in-home consultation.

Smart Home Systems Colorado
  • Smart Home Systems Colorado
  • Smart Home Systems Colorado
  • Smart Home Systems Colorado
  • Smart Home Systems Colorado

Climate Control Services

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