TV Mounting and Installation

Mounting your TV on the wall is not only a great space-saver, it adds a clean sophisticated look to the room and keeps the TV secured safely away from young prying hands. Safety is a big concern when installing a TV. Every year hundreds of people are hurt by TVs falling off of their stands or falling off the wall due to improper mounting methods. We take care to ensure the TV is secured properly and will never harm anyone. Another concern is proper electrical wiring. Without following strict electrical codes, electrical wiring can start fires, cause accidental electrocutions and cause serious damage to your TV. Mile High Audio Video will take all of this into account when mounting your TV.

We will retro-fit wiring through the wall to give the TV a "no strings attached" look and to keep the wires safely out of harms way. With manual and motorized solutions, and access to a large variety of different kinds of mounts, we can ensure a successful and attractive installation for any application.

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TV Installation Services

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  • TV Mount Installation
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